Telling the story of your culture is a vital part of attracting the right talent to sustain and fuel growth.

Rooted in culture.

In the past decade, OneSource Virtual has become the global leader in deployment, consulting, and BPaaS services exclusively for Workday. A story that sometimes gets lost in the success they’ve enjoyed is the fact that their excellence in service delivery is deeply rooted in their culture. As a global company, telling a story of inclusion is important. They wanted to show how the company stays true to its core values across different offices in Dallas; Mesa, Ariz.; and its European service center in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Even though these offices are worlds apart and have their own unique vibes, they all lived the company’s value with different expressions.

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Mission accomplished.

The Starr Conspiracy traveled to each office to capture their unique character and worked with the OneSource Virtual in a completely integrated fashion along the way. The process might have been logistically challenging, but the good spirits of the team and the eagerness to collaborate made the project a joy to produce.

The resulting video piece tells their story better than any other medium — with their own people in their own words.