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Keeping up with a changing world

A different world of work calls for a new type of agency

The Starr Conspiracy is an experience agency for Work Tech companies.

We believe that growth comes not just from sales and marketing excellence. What’s needed is a seamless Customer Experience (CX) across the buyer/customer journey. What’s more, we believe that your CX and your Employee Experience are increasingly linked . That’s why we’ve combined our two decades of expertise in Work Tech sales and marketing with our knowledge of the space to create a new type of agency.

Put your people first and everything else grows.

For companies changing the world of work that seek CX velocity, we offer a unique perspective and a different approach than other agencies, consultants, and analysts. We live at the intersection of strategy, research, programs, technology, and business results.

We’re ready to be your partner as you create defining moments for your prospects and customers as you shape the new world of work.

1,000+ of the world’s leading Work Tech brands can’t be wrong

Our industry expertise

Why Choose Us?

We don’t just work in Work Tech, we are a key part of the industry.

We put our hundreds of years of industry expertise to work for our clients. In Work Tech, where the average tenure of a marketer is about 18 months, our people provide valuable institutional memory for our long-term clients. On their fifth anniversary, we welcome our veterans into The Inner Ring, a secret society of hardcore marketing rock stars who are ride or die for the brand.

Why choose us?
0 %
of our people have been with the agency for 3 years or more.
0 %
are part of what we call “The Inner Ring” with a tenure of 5 years or more.
0 %
have been with us 10 years or more.

The way we work

We work with a flat, decentralized org structure that allows people to flow to the work and get stuff done faster. We also work with our customers in a spirit of true co-creation. The goal is a great experience — and better results — faster.

Thought leadership

Get the job done


This approach is designed to support your ongoing needs over time. It’s not a retainer; it’s like a Netflix subscription. Need to pause or cancel? No problem. You can terminate at the end of the month.


This approach is best for completing a specific, defined project (such research reports, messaging projects, websites, etc.). Scope it, sign it, do the work, done.

Draw Down

This approach offers the advantages of a subscription with the more focused definition of a project. You provide the work for a defined set of deliverables. We manage that work and work and account for the budget. There’s always the flexibility to shift budget to new deliverables as your needs change.

Media management

We offer turnkey digital media management, including strategy, vendor management, budgeting, and reporting. We have deep relationships with Work Tech industry vendors — HR, HCM, learning, etc. We are also a certified Google partner and offer global capabilities.
Thought leadership

Work Tech insights

The world of work is always changing. Keep pace with the trends shaping how work gets done, the tech that makes it possible, and the market forces shaping innovation.

hey, Bret Starr!

Get insightful analysis of all things Work Tech from Founder and CEO Bret Starr and a rotating cast of experts. It’s kind of like if the Inc. magazine had 2.5 beers.


For people leaders, future Work Tech tycoons, and investors, we’ve got all the knowledge your inbox can handle.

Our resources

For those who are smart but in a hurry, our resource library is chock-full of Work Tech industry insights and CX hacks to accelerate your growth.

A new kind of agency

The Starr Conspiracy is different by design.
The typical agency model?

Hire a bunch of bright, ambitious young professionals.

Grind them into the dirt with overwork.

Burn out and churn most of those people in a few years.

Repeat Step 1.

We don't play that.

The longer our people stay, the greater their industry expertise. That’s why we strive to create a work experience focused on sustainable high performance. It’s a formula for everyone’s growth and success — our people, our agency, and our customers. 

Our leadership team

We’re decentralized by nature, but we do put a lot of stock in the thoughtful shaping of our purpose, our strategic vision, and our culture. 


Bret Starr

Founder & Co-CEO


Ashley Bernard



Steve Smith



Kevin Mangum

Partner & CRO


Dan McCarron

Partner & COO


Erin Swan

Vice President of Operations

JJ-La-Pata (1)

JJ La Pata

Vice President of Digital Strategy & Insights

Racheal-Bates (1)

Racheal Bates

Vice President of Customer Experience

Let's get to work!

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