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Why Aren't My Leads Converting?

In this new whitepaper, we identify the 6 reasons modern sales and marketing teams are failing and what your team can do to avoid these common pitfalls and start converting.

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Brandscape™ 2020: The New World of Work Technology

Work Technology is bigger than just HR. Failure to acknowledge this change is driving widespread category confusion. It’s time for some clarity.

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2019 B2B Branding Trends Research: How Leading Brands Invest

How are your competitors investing in their brands? Find out now with new data from The Starr Conspiracy’s latest market research.


2019 B2B PR Research Report: How Growing Companies Invest

We surveyed business and marketing leaders at growing B2B technology and services companies this year about their plans to invest in public relations and analyst relations.


Budgets Ain't Easy Infographic: A Pocket Guide for Maximizing Your HCM Marketing Dollar

Download our "Budgets Ain't Easy" infographic to learn where the HCM marketing world is headed. And more important, where they are spending.


Budgets Ain't Easy: A Guide to Mastering HCM Marketing Budgets

Budgeting isn’t fun for anyone. It can be time-consuming and frustrating. It doesn't have to be that way. The Starr Conspiracy is here to help.


The Future of Corporate Learning Webinar

The Starr Conspiracy explores key brands that are making moves to convey their message, stand out, and connect with the right audience.



This (mostly) true short story from Bret Starr highlights the importance of product positioning and exceeding customer expectations.

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The Secret Lives of B2B Sales Prospects

When it comes to high-value deals, crucial decisions are being made without you, and there’s little time to make an impact. But there are several things you can do about it.

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Corporate Learning Brands: It’s Time to Step Up

Consider this a brand intervention. Like all good interventions, this is coming from a place of love. Lovingly, it’s time to stand out or GTFO.


Talent Management 2018: A Category at a Crossroads

The future of the talent management category is wide open. Will new approaches in employee engagement gain momentum and become a competitive threat?


Budget Like a Boss: Benchmarks to Guide Your Marketing Spend

As your team grows and the dollar signs rise, it’s increasingly more important to formulate a plan of attack and determine where to get the best bang for your buck.


Choosing Your ABM Tech Stack

Our digital team identifies the key technologies needed when starting out with ABM and calls out a few trusted vendors for each of the following categories.


5 Reasons Small Marketing Teams Fail

Join The Starr Conpiracy and learn how to build and structure your small marketing team based on tried-and-true practices.


3 Ways to Better Influence Your Pipeline

Effective PR strategies can influence your pipeline and amplify paid and owned media efforts throughout the buyer’s journey.


22 Facts About Account-based Marketing

Looking to make the business case for account-based marketing? Not sold on ABM yourself? You’ve come to the right place.


The Enterprise Learning Buyer Report 2017

We examine what is driving buyer decisions and take a deep dive into the shift in corporate learning and how buyers and vendors are responding.


HCM Tech and The Founder's Trap

The only reason HCM tech founders are fired is for an inability to hit revenue goals. Learn how to build a scalable sales and marketing function that drives fast growth.


Couches and Trash Cans: Rethink Your Trade Show Strategy

HCM marketing has messed up something that should really be a lot of fun: trade shows. Sorry, trade show fans. Never fear, we can fix this together.


Why HCM Tech Startups Fail

Get a breakdown of the patterns we have witnessed time and time again that cause many startups to lose their way and end up in the junk pile.


The 2017 Talent Acquisition Brandscape Report™ Webinar

Follow along with the authors of the 2017 report during this webinar as they take a deeper dive into the future of the talent acquisition market.


2017 Talent Acquisition Vendor Brandscape Report™

The Starr Conspiracy provides analysis and prediction of brand power and potential for talent acquisition and recruiting vendors.


2016 Employee Engagement Vendor Brandscape Report™

We look at the vendors leading the charge, the solutions that comprise the core components of engagement, and the market trends that will shape the category.


HCM for SMB Vendor Brandscape Report™

This brandscape focuses on market attributes, such as market stage, size and growth, and vendor attributes for SMB HCM providers.


The HCM Vendor Brandscape Report™

Companies with the strongest brands build market share faster and see higher conversion rates. We are here to make sense of it all.