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Webinar: Betting on You with Laurie Ruettimann

We recently sat down with our good friend Laurie Ruettimann of Punk Rock HR to discuss the myriad of opportunities within Work Tech brands, and how you and your organization can make the most of them in 2021. 

Webinar: Where Are Things Going?

The Starr Conspiracy hangs out with all the best people. We’re happy to have a few of them join us to talk about Work Tech, what they’re hearing, and where they think things are going in these uncertain times. These folks are talking to business and HR leaders all the time about work and Work […]

Webinar: Launching a Work Tech Startup in Strange Days

What’s it like to be launching a new software product at this unique moment in time? Bret Starr and Gene Pease discuss how Gene’s new company, Mighty You, is taking on big-brand performance management companies.

Webinar: Earned Media Fireside Chat

Right now, public relations and analyst relations opportunities (earned media in general) abound for Work Tech brands with a unique point of view. Bret Starr and Tony Spangler talk about how to define your brand while building important relationships with industry analysts, media and special influencers.

Webinar: Customer Experience Fireside Chat

When it comes to B2B tech marketing, Customer Experience (CX) is on the way in and traditional, metrics-dominated marketing is on the way out (along with a lot of other siloed functions). The Starr Conspiracy teams up with BetterGrowth in this virtual fireside to talk about the evolution of CX.

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