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The Starr Conspiracy Partners With 12 Geniuses Podcast


FORT WORTH, Texas and SAN FRANCISCO — (June 9, 2022) — The Starr Conspiracy, a B2B marketing agency focused on companies creating the future of work, today announced its upcoming sponsorship of 12 Geniuses — a podcast for curious and voracious learners that is hosted by Don MacPherson, an experienced Work Tech founder and five-time entrepreneur.

12 Geniuses helps business leaders better understand important life and work trends, how these trends are positioned to disrupt companies and industries, and how new value can be created for those willing to make the necessary changes. MacPherson is joined in each episode with a new genius from around the world sharing their own success stories both within their professional and personal lives. Past guests have included Ken Blanchard, Daniel Pink, and Dave Ulrich. Listeners get actionable insights that stimulate change and growth. 

“We are excited to sponsor 12 Geniuses upcoming futurist series because we know Don and his guests will help leaders understand how to navigate the challenges of our quickly changing world,” said Steve Smith, CMO and partner at The Starr Conspiracy. “Because 12 Geniuses is a Top 200 global technology podcast with a reach of almost 100,000 work leaders, we also believe that it is an amazing awareness opportunity for Work Tech brands.”

MacPherson has spent 25 years researching employee and customer experiences, the attributes of great leadership, and how healthy organizational cultures are created and sustained. Now, he travels the world to interview geniuses about the trends shaping the way we live and work. 

“I’m excited to add The Starr Conspiracy as sponsor for our futurist series debuting this summer,” MacPherson said. “They have always been an agency focused on what’s next in the workplace, so it’s a great fit.”

The 12 Geniuses podcast is available on all major podcast platforms. For more information, visit

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Tony Spangler

Tony Spangler

Vice President, Public Relations, AR

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