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Talent & learning market map 2023

To understand where Talent and Learning solutions are going, it’s important to understand how these areas overlap. In our latest Market Map, we explore the top trends in Work Tech — and the companies that are facing them.

2022 Employee Engagement Market Map

In our 2022 Employee Engagement Market Map we map out the Employee Engagement market in a way that dives into the history of the categories as well as the potential that the future holds.

Brandscape 2021™: Workplace Well-being

In our recently released 2021 Workplace Well-being Brandscape™, we explore this evolution of wellness to well-being and highlight the opportunities for brands to make an impact on workplace well-being and the employee experience.

2021 Talent And Learning

In our latest Brandscape™ report, our team explores the convergence of the Talent Management and Learning categories and highlights the accelerated need for solutions to drive immediate Talent outcomes caused by COVID-19.

Brandscape™ 2020: HCM and Employee Experience

Since the 1990s, the market category called Human Capital Management (HCM) has been on a journey to become The Operating System for the Workplace. Will that continue or will Employee Experience and the new present of work change the game?