Why no one can explain the value of PR …

Why no one can explain the value of PR and how PR can change your marketing destiny. What I’m about to say is going to piss off a lot of my public relations colleagues…

Work Tech’s Love-ortunity

3 love-ortunities that every organization has to improve wellbeing, enhance culture, and help your organization be more successful.

Marketing in a crisis

In extraordinary times, extraordinary measures force a change in the rules of the game. We saw the “three pillars” of society — the state, markets, and communities — work together to tackle the coronavirus, and it made me wonder how much more they could tackle if they worked together more often.

Work as religious experience

Many organizations aim to make the world a better place, to motivate employees, to create purpose. In many ways, these are spiritual questions, theological inquiries that business leaders struggle to define. What is purpose? What motivates people, and why? What is the “better place” for which we’re striving? They don’t teach you that in business school.

A note on narrative economics

Thanks to the Fed increasing interest rates this year, Americans are buying more homes. Housing starts, the figure economists use to track home building, fell 14.4% from April to May. At least one economist is worried.