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Time to make your move: Great brands are built during down markets – Thank you

One immutable marketing truth is that companies that invest in brand outperform companies that don’t. And what happens during down markets? Companies pull back on brand, and your competitor’s mistake becomes your opportunity.

In our latest e-book, Time to make your move: Great brands are built during down markets, we evaluate our recent brand survey results, to which nearly 1,400 Work Tech professionals responded.

We discuss:

  • How branding delivers on ROI
  • Brand vs. Branding
  • Knowing when to evolve or rebrand
  • What makes a great brand experience (BX)
  • And how BX impacts CX

Remember, it’s rarely the best product that wins big. It’s almost always the best brand.

Clients are partners.

Thank you!

We hope you enjoy. Download your asset below.

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