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Know Before You Show: The big book of Work Tech events, 2023 – Thank you

In-person events are back, baby! Don’t worry, there are plenty of marketers like yourself looking from side to side wondering how to approach their annual and individual event strategy this year. It’s been a wild past three years, and what we do know is that the same ol’ playbook can’t cut through the noise anymore. So what does? Great question. Check out our latest e-book and learn:
  • Which shows are Work Tech pros attending and where are they exhibiting? (spoiler: the lists are different)
  • How does your growth stage change your strategy?
  • What should be in your tactical pre-, at-, and post-event plan?
  • How can you realize greater ROI for PR & AR?
  • How can you optimize your event UX through design?
  • What are the big 4 opportunities for digital media at events?
  • What are the 5 things to remember regarding customer experience?
We know — events can be overwhelming. Let us help get you started.

Clients are partners.

Thank you!

We hope you enjoy. Download your asset below.

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