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Apple Headset: Gamechanger?

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Marketing, Discussion, Employee Experience, Newsletter, Work Leader Weekly


Another week in work leadership is here. How are things going? 

In this week’s newsletter, we cover ChatGPT’s potential as CHRO, what CEOs are asking McKinsey about AI at work, and SCOTUS hands down a ruling limiting striking workers. But first, can Apple’s expensive new headset make a dent in the emerging AR/VR use cases at work?

Let’s jump into it.

Does Apple Vision Pro change anything for AR/VR at work?

While the metaverse dominated the VR headlines for work-related uses of the new technology, the excitement for sitting in goggles all day while working seemed less and less likely. While companies have pushed some valuable use cases — onboarding, safety training, and hosted well-being content — a number of folks have meanwhile buried the metaverse.

As someone who occasionally uses Meta Quest, I told people to wait until Apple unveiled whatever they were working on to see if AR/VR could become a reality.

Apple delivered this week, for a price. $3,500 to be exact.

That’s a lot of money for a consumer device. Even for an enterprise buy, it’s probably a luxury without a clear use case. At least to start. 

But the headset, by all accounts, is much better than anything we’ve seen. It’s a generational leap that will challenge Meta’s loss leader approach to VR headsets. 

Apple’s presentation focused on work, not gaming. This was a device that could give you multiple monitors and a desktop-class processor to actually do work on. Reading emails on a monitor that appears 80 inches across? Sure, I guess. A more immersive video conference experience? Cool, that’ll be fun. Multitasking between watching TV and checking on work? Not that I want that, but it’s nice.

Problems exist, of course. It’s still a pound of electronics on your head, not including a battery pack that attaches separately. It’s still strangely isolating, even as they try to make it less so. Maybe more importantly, we’re not going to see it for at least half a year. Meanwhile, we can make it as bad or as good as we like in our heads, and competitors have time to act, with a timeframe to aim for. 

Mainstream adoption is coming, but the timeline isn’t anywhere close to immediate. We’ll probably have a better idea a year after the device has been released and people have been using it. We’ll also get stories about people doing dumb things with these devices. Walking down a busy street with an easily snatchable battery cord hanging off it? Driving with a headset on while watching a movie? 

I can’t wait. 

But Apple didn’t do what I thought it might do: Surprise us with something that’s so obviously useful that it might make it worth the price. Now we just have to wait and see.

Weekly LinkedIn poll result

How is leadership development going? Well, some of you are nailing it. Others?  

Let’s just commit to doing better.

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What a tough day in the office looks like in the future

Even if you don’t like Ben Affleck as a person or an actor, he has certainly gifted us with quality internet content for our enjoyment. 

The latest is a photoshopped version of him with AR/VR goggles  looking exhausted with the caption, “POV: you just had a long day at work in 2035.”

Maybe this is the dark timeline we deserve.

That’s it for this week!


Lance Haun

Vice President & Market Insights

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