How do you meet the challenge of uniting a powerful well-known global brand with an emerging technology category? You let your freak-flag fly.

Creating a brand with purpose.

The strength of the Virgin brand adds value far beyond a typical holding company. It’s an upstart brand that focuses on breaking the rules and changing business for good. We can relate.

An upstart brand doesn't come without some flaws. So, when one of their portfolio companies — Virgin HealthMiles — came to The Starr Conspiracy, it had a serious problem — the name was generic and didn't have the same personality that Virgin is known for. People thought it was a travel rewards company, not a corporate wellness solution. Mostly, it was boring.

To forge a new identity, we needed to start with a new name that captured the brand’s spirit around helping people enjoy healthier, better lives. The new name needed to be easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.

Communicating value.

Similarly, a new brand was needed to convey a more fun, innovative, and aspirational appeal, and communicate the business’s true value proposition as a wellness solution to drive employee engagement. It also needed to pass muster with Virgin’s brand managers and get the seal of approval from Sir Richard Branson himself.

The result was Virgin Pulse — a brand with a name that communicated the vitality and purpose of the parent brand with the functional association of business category. The brand was differentiated based on its humanity and consumer sheen, highlighting consumer-focused technology that engaged employees and changed lives.

Mission accomplished.

The Virgin Group is one of the most enigmatic, charismatic, and meaningful brands in the world. Together, we created a new brand that defined the corporate wellness category. After an acquisition by a private equity firm in 2018, Virgin Pulse has become the centerpiece brand for a consolidation of well-being companies, including RedBrick Health, Healthways, and Viverae.