How do you effectively market your brand when you are struggling to clearly explain what you do? You partner with The Starr Conspiracy.

Boston, we have liftoff.

SmashFly was eager to showcase itself as a transformative service enabling buyers to manage all their recruitment marketing needs in a single platform. However, buyers were used to the status quo — a market littered with service providers that focused on individual aspects of recruitment marketing. SmashFly was different.

The company needed a brand capable of smashing through the clutter to relay its ability to connect the dots between traditionally disconnected recruitment processes.

Creating Visual Velocity.

The Starr Conspiracy devised a strategy that focused on creating emotional resonance with prospective clients and helped rebrand the business as a “recruitment marketing platform,” a term you probably know now, but only because innovative companies like this one pioneered it to address buyer frustrations in distinctive ways.

We built on a visual language of velocity. The logo draws inspiration from a rocket taking flight and sends a message that this brand is serious about accelerating recruiting results.

Mission accomplished.

Following its transformation, SmashFly experienced immediate results in sales efficiency and velocity, lured bigger clients, received greater funding, and garnered more testimonials. The organization discovered how to use its voice to convey its value as a transformative platform capable of streamlining recruitment marketing for greater efficiency and long-term results.

A one-stop shop for recruitment marketing in a single code base -- it has been a home run for SmashFly with one of the most recognizable logos in talent acquisition. It’s been quite a liftoff.