Is it possible to create a brand that stands out against the noise in AI and performance management? renaizant thinks so.

A category reborn.

The death of performance management has been declared, debated, and discussed for almost a decade. It turns out that the traditional rank-and-yank approach to evaluating employees is neither effective nor particularly loved by managers or employees. In a world where enterprises are awash in employee data, was it possible to pull the right data at the right time to yield insights into employee performance without creating more time-consuming work?

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), the answer was definitely yes.

Avoiding the A.I. trap.

But there was a potential trap: Hundreds of HR and workplace tech companies are going to market with AI as a differentiator, thinking they will stand out in the market. Was it possible to create a brand that escaped the mind-numbing sameness of companies chasing after AI and performance management?

The answer was yes. The answer was renaizant, an AI-driven performance management solution that — get this — actually made the process more human.

Mission accomplished.

Working with velocity, The Starr Conspiracy team worked with renaizant to supersprint their new brand and website in under a week. Even though they are early-stage, a new brand and a compelling story are putting wind in the sales of this upstart brand.

Now stay tuned as they breathe new life into a traditional technology market.