Facing a mature market and loads of fierce competitors, GreenOrbit needed to tell a compelling story to cut through the noise and connect with its ideal buyers. It was time for a massive overhaul.

We started with brand message.

Widely known for providing innovative intranet solutions in Australia, GreenOrbit (formerly Intranet Dashboard) came to The Starr Conspiracy to develop a cutting-edge marketing strategy and bold new brand to expand its presence in the U.S. market with a big splash.

We believe a great brand message is the core of every great brand, so we started here. We collaborated with GreenOrbit (then Intranet Dashboard) to build a completely new brand for the company — including name, logo, visual identity, and website.

Next, we focused on activation.

As an explorer brand, GreenOrbit is obsessed with discovering the next opportunity for itself and its clients by overcoming barriers and unleashing potential.

The Starr Conspiracy worked closely with the GreenOrbit team to launch the new brand. Together, we built a framework to create an authentic, compelling, and unified brand experience complete with a 12-month integrated marketing campaign strategy to boot.

Mission accomplished.

Fueled by their new brand, GreenOrbit made an entrance into the U.S. market like no other intranet has ever done before. That’s what happens when you combine marketing strategy, creative direction, and digital expertise with industry insights to create a unified, out-of-this-world brand and campaign. That’s what happens when you partner with The Starr Conspiracy. Don’t take our word for it.