The Starr Conspiracy Just Killed the White Paper

The Starr Conspiracy Develops and Trademarks New Framework That Will Make White Papers Obsolete While Moving Thought-provoking Content Into the Digital Age

SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 23, 2014) — Rotary phones. Carbon paper. Typewriters. Encyclopedias. Phone books. Now add white papers to that list of things made obsolete by better technology.

The Starr Conspiracy (TSC), a strategic marketing and advertising agency for enterprise software and services companies, not only killed the white paper, it developed what’s next — The Lightpaper™.

White papers, those thought-provoking pieces that inform and stir buyers to action — used by every company on the planet with a website, email list, or social media platform — are already relics in the digital age. But The Lightpaper™ delivers everything readers expect in an increasingly digital world and everything marketers need — from lead-generation data to real-time user analytics.

“The Lightpaper™ will be the most disruptive tool in B2B marketing since email marketing because it solves long-standing shortcomings of the static PDF used to deliver white papers,” said Bret Starr, founder, partner, president, and CEO of TSC. “Real-time and in-depth analytics, dynamic user content, and better technology suited to content consumers, who are increasingly using mobile devices, are just a few of the reasons why The Lightpaper™ is what the future looks like.”

TSC agents developed The Lightpaper™ to help clients better deliver B2B (business to business) messages and to replace clunky PDFs that have myriad problems, including:

  • No indexed copy for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Subpar user experience on tablets and mobile devices, requiring pinching or downloads
  • No visibility into analytics and content performance

In fact, once companies send out PDF white papers, they typically have no idea whether their message reached its mark.  

Not so with The Lightpaper™.  The benefits of The Lightpaper™ include:

  • Indexed, searchable, and fixed-page content
  • A single format that can replace white papers, e-books, articles, and infographics
  • Ability to edit even after it’s in the market
  • Social-sharing capability
  • Ability to host dynamic content such as interactive graphics, polls, and more
  • Real-time and in-depth analytics

With more than 50 percent of emails now being opened on mobile devices (a figure that probably just increased as you read this), the way content is delivered must change with the times.

The Lightpaper™ just killed the white paper.

About The Starr Conspiracy

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