The enterprise technology and services industry is changing rapidly. In response, The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit shares its understanding of the shifting market and leverages frequent briefings as a research tool. We publish a variety of Lightpapers, reports, and blog posts about the enterprise software space — all available for free.

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Our industry-focused brandscape reports have been used by customers, vendors, and investors to help them achieve their goals and gain a greater understanding of the market. We work to size the market, understand trends in each space, and project not only where the market is heading but which vendors are getting there ahead of the pack.

You also should know this:

  • Our coverage has nothing to do with anyone — including you — being a client of The Starr Conspiracy
  • Our briefings are absolutely not sales conversations

Most importantly, we don’t sit back and just listen. These are interactive sessions. We give candid feedback based on our many years focused exclusively on B2B software.

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