Webinar: Launching a Work Tech Startup in Strange Days

About this webinar

Gene Pease struck gold when he founded Vestrics and sold it to Ultimate Software four years ago. Now he’s back at it (along with a team of world-class data scientists and engineers). His new company, Mighty You, is taking on big-brand performance management companies. But what’s it like to be launching a new software product at this unique moment in time? Let’s find out!


  • Bret Starr, Founder and CEO, The Starr Conspiracy
  • Gene Pease, Founder and CEO, Mighty You

Webinar Agenda

  • Best or worst time in history to launch a work tech startup?
  • Biggest challenges of coming to market right now?
  • Biggest opportunities?
  • Will there be a “new normal” that makes new products obsolete before they are even in market?
  • How relevant is continuous performance management right now?

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