Brandscape™ 2020: The New World of Work Technology

Work Technology is bigger than HR. The innovative, fast-growing Work Technology companies see themselves as doing something fundamentally different. Failure to acknowledge this change is driving widespread category confusion. It’s time for some clarity.

Find out how the world has changed when you read “Brandscape™ 2020: The New World of Work Technology.” As this new phase of the market opens, powerful brands will define the winners more so than great technology. In this report, you’ll discover:

  • The Top 25 Power Brands
  • The Top 25 Velocity Brands
  • The 25 Startups to Watch
  • The category confusion and other key industry trends shaping the market
  • Key sales and marketing trends
  • Recommendations for the road ahead

Investment, innovation, and culture shifts have overwhelmed HR Technology. Innovation is coming from adjacent industries — Financial Technology, Insurance Technology, and other enterprise software and services categories. Find out today what this means for you.

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